Maura Falfan is an artist who has developed a body of work around the idea of the vestige as a sign referring to an absence. Understood as a mark, imprint or gesture, the vestige has taken the place of a scar, an absence, and more recently: the presence of the nonexistent.

Through the use of the stain as an empty signifier, Maura has developed a body of work that can be characterized -in formal terms- as being either abstract or directly factual. Interested in the possibility of transformation and personal catharsis, she has welcomed an ominous quality in her work and promoted a sense of mystery through the use of an enclosed symbolism and a particular atmosphere.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Maura has also focused on the tragic aspect of our existence and reflected on the fragility of painting. She is currently working on large, vertical sheets of paper that are reminiscent of oriental scrolls, trying to visually embody the ineffable.

Maura currently lives and works in New York City.


Maura Falfan